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Growing up was not easy.

Sara’s Alopecia Story

My name is Sara and I have been dealing with Alopecia since I was 9 years old.  Going through school at that age was horrifying.  I could wear hats to school, because wigs for children were very hard to come by back in the late 70’s.


Kid’s would knock the hat off and laugh, and I felt like a freak. I hated going to school, knowing everyday what would happen.  Finally, after a lot of different types of treatments and exams my hair came back when I was in 9th grade. Yeah

In my early twenties it fell out again, and I had to wear a wig for a couple of years, then it came back again.

Now I at 47 years of age I am completely bald. Now, after having a lot of meltdowns, low self-esteem, depression and not leaving the house, I found Cindy. She literally has given me my life back. 


A month ago, I had the opportunity thru Cindy to buy my very first human hair that fits my scalp perfectly. It does not move on my scalp and I feel like I have my own hair back.

I have self-esteem back and enjoying life again. Now I have beautiful hair, I feel beautiful and normal again.


Thank you Cindy,


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