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Meet Cindy Genrich

Certifications and Affiliations:

  • Licensed Cosmetologist 

  • Certified Hair Loss Consultant

  • Member of the American Hair Loss Council

  • Volunteer of the American Cancer Society

  • Look Good.. Feel Better Volunteer

  • Styling for Pink  Fundraiser Chairmen

  • Designer of The Beauty in you class for Cancer Patients

Not only does Cindy come with a long list of certifications and volunteer work, but she has worked with many clients on finding the perfect fit in Hair Loss Replacements.


My first hair loss Client.


"After watching my mother lose her hair due to chemotherapy, I learned the need for support and the emotional value of looking your best during a very difficult time in your life. With this newly obtained insight, I have now committed myself to helping other women to look their best through this very emotional and physical journey."


Why do I love to work with hair loss clients?

"I love where the journey has taken me. I have a strong faith and belief in helping others. I know my purpose from God is to work with women, helping them to look and feel like themselves. I have seen women become strong with the fight, expressing compassion for others and learning the gift of taking one day at a time. I have been truly blessed to have special people in my life. I value each day and I am grateful for my family, and all the simple beauty of what our god has given us. Enjoy every precious moment of your life, and fill it full of love."


A Memorable Experience:


I was very busy friday afternoon in the salon. I got a phone call from a woman who said "Could you please fit my friend for a wig today. I want to buy her a wig" So, I stayed late to work her in. This woman was in her late 20's. I took her and showed her different styles, and soon we found the perfect match. I styled the wig and she looked great! As she was looking past her reflection to me in the mirror, I could see tears rolling down her cheeks as she said "I kept telling myself it was okay not having hair. But it wasn't. I look like myself again. Thank you." She touched my heart.  I went home that day feeling blessed to have my job and the chance to touch others.

No woman wants a bad hair day!

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